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However, the histological picture of basalioma is as diverse as its clinical forms. Therefore, its clinical and cytological differential diagnosis with other skin diseases plays an important role. Flat superficial basalioma is differentiated from lupus erythematosus, lichen planus, seborrheic keratosis, and Bowen's disease. Sclerodermiform basalioma is differentiated from scleroderma andsoriasis, pigmented form - from melanoma. If necessary, additional laboratory tests are carried out to exclude diseases similar to basalioma.

The main complications of basalioma are related to the fact that it can spread to surrounding tissues, causing their destruction. Severe complications, even death, occur when the process affects the bones, ears, eyes, brain membranes, etc. Diagnosis is carried out by cytological and histological examination of a scraping or smear-imprint taken from the surface of the tumor. During the study under a microscope, strands or nest-like clusters of cells of a round, spindle-shaped or oval shape are found. On the edge of the cell is surrounded by a thin rim of the cytoplasm.

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It is characterized by slow growth and lack of metastasis. The most common localization of these tumors are exposed parts of the body, however, these tumors are predominantly located on the chest, neck and head. Due to the slow imperceptible growth, this neoplasm can go unnoticed by both the patient and the doctor for a long time and can be detected only in advanced stages. Despite the fact that this tumor does not metastasize, it can lead to serious consequences. Its localization in the region of the eye sockets, nose, mouth and auricles is especially dangerous, since during germination it significantly deforms the cartilaginous and even bone basis of these organs and leads to a pronounced violation of their function. In addition, the natural openings of these organs provide a pathway through which basaliomas can enter the skull and even affect the brain. Thus, this tumor, which has a non-aggressive behavior in comparison with other malignant tumors, under certain circumstances can even lead to death.

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Diagnosis and treatment, as a rule, does not cause difficulties. Most forms of this cancer respond successfully to both radiation and surgical treatment. Medical treatment is also applicable, but due to the predominantly local nature of this tumor, it is rarely used. The likelihood of tumor recurrence depends on its size, penetration depth and the chosen method of treatment, but there are other factors that can affect this process. Given the slow growth, lack of hematogenous metastasis, and high cure rates, the prognosis for this disease is generally considered to be favorable. Causes of basalioma.